Issue 2’s Editor’s Note Illustration by Miguel León | Written by Joel Campbell The sky beneath the aluminum carriage was illuminated by amber, sapphire and emerald explosions as it passed over Washington D.C. The sunrise would mark America’s Independence Day. For the first time, I wouldn’t be on American soil to see it. I woke up over Ireland according to the in-flight tracker. A glance out of the window only revealed a soft blue stratosphere. I readied my passport as the nose dipped. The hues of green and shades of brown were calming. Even the noiseless traffic seemed relaxing. Nothing from my aerial perspective denotedRead More →

By Joel Campbell Organizers are holding a rally this coming Monday in support of single-payer health insurance. The event, Medicare for All, has been organized by a coalition of groups and sponsored by many more. The event will start at 4 pm and will be held in Lansing, Mich. at the State Capitol. Two of the primary organizers are Michigan for Revolution and the Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America spoke on the upcoming event with Borderless Media Collective this weekend. Hunter Wiand, a member of the Huron Valley DSA, said that the idea for this event came from an earlier action. “It came outRead More →

Dear Hunter and Huron Valley DSA members, When we spoke recently we discussed how elite sectors of society maintain constant communication. It got me thinking that an explanation of where this organization fits in the media landscape was a bit overdue. Perhaps the best way to explain it is by explaining the function of its counterpart, Foreign Affairs. Foreign Affairs is published by the Council of Foreign Relations, a New York-based think tank, six times a year. By examining the advertisements in the publication, some features of their demographic come into view. Advertisers have included Mitsubishi, Boeing, and Georgetown University. Mitsubishi might not sound soRead More →