About Us

The core theme of Borderless arose from our evolving worldview.

In the wake of the 2001 attacks on America, xenophobia and racism were touted as cultural norms. Our refusal to accept these myths set us on a different course. Different values had to replace the ones originally presented to us. As we worked with the disenfranchised and protested for the oppressed, we began to enact the values we sought. Human rights replaced imperial exceptionalism.

This replacement required learning. As we dismantle the structures of domination, we must rebuild the bridges between the industrial and developing worlds. The people, not governments or corporations, must speak with each other to achieve this. Only when we end our reliance on propaganda will we see humanity. Borderless seeks to sever this reliance through grassroots journalism and art.

In essence, we are a cultural, travel and journalism magazine and we invite our readers to view the world through a lens focused on unsung people and their untold stories.