Our Mission

We are Borderless Media Collective!

An art and media collective dedicated to investigative journalism and community discourse via traditional and artistic mediums. We embrace media’s democratic role as a watchdog – alerting the public to abuses of both government and corporate power. We stand in direct opposition mainstream media’s lust for profit and seek to fill the gap left by corporate media’s selling themselves and the truth to the highest bidder. We offer no advertisements for this reason and instead rely on community support to achieve our goals.

We provide local and international perspectives that bring community discourse around the vital issues that affect us all. We at Borderless Media Collective celebrate intersectional spaces and hope to document and augment their rise. Our collective acknowledges the global struggle(s) for human rights and produces content that uncovers their expression in our local politics here in Grand Rapids Michigan.

We seek to provide a platform for community engagement. Part press, part civic engagement our articles, podcasts, social media and events encourage community self-expression and seek to foster an ongoing dialogue under the banner of independent media and community engagement.  Our podcast The Lamp Post emphasizes local concerns while echoing the Borderless Media Collective’s commitment to diversity and a global perspective.